Free RightNow Media Subscription - Eastwood Baptist Church in Tulsa

MMC is currently an active subscriber to Right Now Media. As a member, guest, or friend of MMC, you can have access to this vast library of quality Christian Bible studies, cartoons, and series. Please contact Barry Male (601-856-6058) if you need an email invite to RNM.

Below are some suggestions for you to consider:

For KIDS/FAMILIES: Superbook Kids Bible, Videos and Games : Apps & Games

Superbook is a great animated series that walks kids into the stories of Scripture. LOG-IN to your RNM account & find it HERE.


Next WAM Small Groups Study - HEBREWS by Derwin Gray. Starts October 5, 2022 (Open Groups in Fellowship Hall Rooms 204, 206, and 208).


WAM "Family Reunion" table conversations used this series by Tony Evans - THE POWER OF KNOWING GOD - last September. LOG-IN to your RNM account & find it HERE.


RightNow Media :: Streaming Video Bible Study : Prepared : Andy Stanley :  North Point Resources

A series by Andy Stanley that has been used in MMC Adult SS that focuses on being prepared to share our faith in Christ. LOG-IN to your RNM account & find it HERE.