Abundant Joy (Age Range: Late 30s to Late 50s)

Location:  Church Office (Administrative Building)

Start time: 9:45 a.m.

Current Study: The book of Philippians using Melissa Kruger's book, "In All Things."

Class Makeup: Singles and couples (Late 30's to Late 50's)

Asbury (Age Range: Early 40s- Mid 80s)

Class Makeup:  this is intended to be an intergenerational adult class

Location: Education Building Room 415 (2nd Floor)

Start Time: 9:45 am    

Mission Statement: an advanced Bible study class with practical application to everyday life; there will be a conscious effort to help disciples develop a commitment to a distinctly Biblical worldview and lifestyle

Teaching: Charlie Artmann will be teaching. A study of the book of Genesis was begun on Sunday, February 12.

Mission projects: TBD

Socials: periodic potluck fellowship meals after 2nd service

Current Study: Currently doing a topical study of Church History.

Contact: Charlie Artmann (601-613-0774 / charlie@integrity.com), Ann Artmann (ann4@integrity.com), Melissa Butler (mrsmabutler@gmail.com / 662-549-8429)

Challengers (Age Range: Late 50s to Early 80s)


Class Location:  in Multi-Purpose Room (2nd floor, Education building)

Class Make-up: Couples and singles, ages 40-80

Class start time: 9:45 a.m.

Teaching style: Lecture and discussion, rotation of teachers, variety of subjects studied

Activities: N/A

Missions supported: Pat Bruce Ministries, Honduras Missions (Salt & Light), Moody Family (missionaries with BMDMI in Honduras), Food Pantries (MadCAAP), Methodist Children's Home, Crossroads (ministry for those coming out of incarceration to reenter society);

Current Study:  For lessons, we alternate between Right Now bible studies, lessons prepared from class members and other church members.

President: Bob McElroy  (bmcelroy1954@gmail.com)

Contact name/email: Judy Gray (phone #: 601-954-3332; email: judyhgray@gmail.com) and Sam Gray (phone #: 601-951-4869; email: sgray@hugheseastern.com)

Crossings (Age Range: Late 50s to Late 70s)

Class Name:   Crossings

Class Makeup:  Adults; Married couples and singles  

Location: Fellowship Hall Room 208

Start Time: Around 9:45 a.m. following the coffee fellowship in the Fellowship Hall     

Mission Statement: Crossings is a supportive community of members who are strengthening our relationships with God through study, sharing, fellowship, and missions locally and beyond.  We value open discussion and encourage whole-hearted participation.  All are welcome!

Teaching:  Crossings discovers deeper meaning through Bible-based study series as well as books by noted clergy.  The class is facilitated by its on members on a rotating basis.  We attempt to plan our studies a quarter at a time. 

Current Study: View here.

Mission projects:   Based on Matthew 25:40, “… I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”  Crossing serves the hungry , thirsty, strangers, those in need of clothing, the prisoners and their families through mission outreach to:  The Bond Home, The Connection; MadCAPP, Hope Hospitality House, Kairos Outside,  adopting families at Christmas.  We also support world missions:  support for BMDMI missionaries, the Moody family and support for Human Trafficking ministry through One Mission Society missionaries, the Gentry family

Socials:  We plan 3 or 4 social events a year.

Contact:   Becky Morgan (bmorgan@browngroup.net / 769-233-4890)

Daily Disciples

Class Location: Fellowship Hall Room 126

Class Make-up: likely adults of all ages and possibly some upper high school students

Class start time: Fellowship with coffee and snacks from 9:30-9:50 with teaching starting thereafter.

Current Study: TBD

Teaching style: Topical Biblical teaching with a strong emphasis on developing intimacy with Jesus, resting in God's promises, & sharing Jesus in action and word in daily life

Activities:  TBD

Missions supported:  TBD

Class Mission Statement: !

Contact name/email: Mark Hikes - Rodger Wasson - ;

Discovery (Age Range: Late 40s to Mid 60s)

Class Location: Fellowship Hall Room 204

Class Make-up: 40's to 60's; married couples and singles.

Class start time: Fellowship with coffee and snacks from 9:30-9:50 with teaching starting thereafter.

Current Study: Ephesians. Next: Hebrews.

Teaching style: We study the books of the Bible with occasional studies on Christian living that are also Bible based.  We have a rotation of leaders from the class and encourage members to join in the leader rotation or to present a special topic to the class.

Activities:  Class socials a couple of times a year; in-class mission project assembly.

We make Hygiene kits for UMCOR from January through June, and Hygiene kits for Gateway Rescue Mission from July through December. Whole kits or just items for the kits can be dropped off in the Discovery classroom on the corner cabinet.

Missions supported:  Stewpot Missions; UMCOR flood relief/health kits; Methodist Children's Home; Habitat for Humanity; MadCAAP.

Class Mission Statement: Growing in our knowledge of the Bible; fostering friendships; supporting missions in our church, our community and world-wide.  We are an open and welcoming class that focuses on exploration of the Bible and how it applies to us today.  Discussion and interaction is encouraged!

Contact name/email: 

Donna Peyton -  peytondonna@gmail.com ; Wendy McNulty - PWMCPA@aol.com ; Glen Swan - Glen_Swan@SAKSINC.COM


Faithbuilders (Age Range: Late 30s to Early 50s)

Class Makeup:  Adults age late 20's to 40's; most are married couples with young children, but there are singles/divorcees. However, all are welcome!!

Location: Fellowship Hall Room 206

Start Time: Around 9:45 a.m. following the coffee fellowship in the Fellowship Hall     

Mission Statement: Faith begins at the end of your Comfort Zone! Faithbuilders believe that our faith is strengthened and developed through a supportive community of members who are strengthening our relationship with God through study, sharing, fellowship, and missions locally and beyond.  2 Corinthians 5:7 for we walk by faith, not by sight.

Teaching:  Faithbuilders discovers deeper meaning through Bible-based study series as well as books by noted clergy.  The class is facilitated by its on members on a rotating basis or guest speakers.  We attempt to plan our studies a quarter at a time.  We are currently studying the book of ACTS. We value open discussion and encourage whole-hearted participation.

Mission projects: Moody Family Mission (missionaries who were in this class) through BMDMI in Honduras; Why Not Now MS: feeding the homeless in Jackson, Methodist Children’s Home (MCH): fundraisers and volunteering at MCH, MadCAAP Support: periodic collections of food and supplies, Rummage Sale for Missions: annual sale generating proceeds going to local and international missions, & School Supply Collection: for underprivileged children.

Socials:  We have 2 "big" socials - annual Crawfish Boil and Christmas Party. We also schedule supper groups and plan 1-2 other social events in the year.

Current Study: 

President:  David Ellis 601-941-8803 and Leslie Leon 601-260-0568


Treasurer:  Doug Owens

Curriculum:  D'Anna Broussard and Brian Smith

Social Chair:  Katie Witt and Lyndie Faulkner

Missions Chair:  Jeff Guy

Outreach and Inreach Chair:  Sara Ann Ellis and Rachael Bearden

Good News (Age Range: Late 50s to Late 80s)

Class Location: Montgomery Chapel Sanctuary (Anyone interested in participating should email Karen Harper at harperkaren1216@gmail.com for an emailed invitation providing the necessary information and they should download the Zoom app on their mobile device or PC.)

Class Make-up: Couples and singles, ages range 40-80, all are welcome

Class start time: 9:45 with prayer and announcements, lessons start by 10 a.m.

Teaching style: Lecture with some discussion, rotation of teachers.  Study books of the Bible, inspirational/Christian books, DVD study series, seasonal topics, etc.

Current Subject: Moses

Class Missions: Cursillo, Kairos and Kairos Outside, Ronald McDonald House, Honduras Missionaries Todd and Katie Moody, Delta Grace

Class Mission Statement: We support the church’s mission of “Building faithful disciples, serving Jesus Christ”.

Class Activities: Usually 2 social gatherings/year at Christmas and Valentine’s Day

Contact:  Phil Hinton (phil_hinton@ajg.com / 601-940-9033); Becky Allen (becks722@yahoo.com); Patsy McCarty (pmccarty1@hotmail.com); John Kirk

Journey of Faith (Age Range: Late 20s to Mid 40s)

Class Location: Education Building Room 401 (2nd floor)

Class Make-up: Mostly married couples, couples with young children and singles in the age range of late 20's to mid 40's. However, all are welcome and invited to join us.

Class start time: 9:45 a.m.

Teaching style: Lecture and discussion, rotate teachers, lessons of Biblical topics that relate to everyday life

Current subject: 

August: "The Bible Recap" recap

Sept 4-Oct 9: "Mission Possible" 

Oct 16-Nov 6: "Spiritual Warfare" (combined class with Challengers)

Activities: quarterly socials

Missions supported: Support of missionaries with needed items 3-4 times/year (Abbey Phillips’ sister and brother-in-law); also, local missions projects

Class mission statement: It all starts with Faith. As Christians, our journey of faith is constantly changing, growing, facing new obstacles and deepening at every stage of life. The Journey of Faith Sunday School class seeks to support each other in these ever-changing stages of life and deepen our individual and collective spiritual growth through biblical lessons, discussions and studies.

Contact:  Emily Herron (ejherron@gmail.com); Brock Herron (bherron_10@yahoo.com)

Lamplighters/Truthseekers (Age Range: Late 60s to Early 90s)

Class Location: Fellowship Hall Room 127

Class Make-up: Older Adults, Couples and Singles

Class Start Time: 9:45 a.m.

Teaching style: Discussion using International Lesson Series

Activities: Class Lunches on special occasions and when the mood strikes

Missions supported: Methodist Children’s Home; The Methodist Hour; other special requests as they occur.

Class Mission Statement: Apply Christian teaching to deepen our faith as well as support the process of ‘Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World’.

Contact names/emails:  Ed Jones - jones5734@bellsouth.net;

**This class uses the International Sunday School Lessons (ISSL) for their study.**

New Covenant (Age Range: Late 30s to Early 60s)

This is a mixed age class (mid 30s-40s).  This is a large, active discussion class that is led by a teacher who alternates between topical studies and study of books of the Bible. 

Current Subject: TBA

Location:  Fellowship Hall Room 201

Contact:  Peter (petergiroux5@gmail.com) & Cathy (gappc5@yahoo.com / 601-454-6310) Giroux.

New Spirit (Age Range: Early 60s to Early 80s)

Location:  Fellowship Hall Room #122

Start time: 9:45 AM Sunday Morning

Current Study: Epic of Eden, Understanding the Old Testament

Class Makeup: All are welcome. Current membership are mostly retired or nearing retirement

Mission Statement: Love and support one another, continue to grow in our Christian faith and minister beyond our class in order to build faithful disciples and serve Jesus Christ.

Mission Projects: Craft Sale with proceeds to Moody family ministry; support for Willie Moore, CR suppers, UMCOR, Samaritan’s Purse, Delta Grace

Socials: About 4 times/yr - usually a Sunday evening meal in members’ homes

Class Officers:

President: Sue Lauderdale
Vice-President: Tim Ross
Secretary/Recorder: Laura Isbell
Treasurer: Barbara Martin
Class Care Coordinators: Susan Ross, Sandra Grissom
Outreach Coordinator: Jim Grissom
Prayer Ministry Coordinator: Gloria Thompson
Researcher: Wren Gregory
Master of Levity: Darrell Martin

Pathfinders (Age Range: Early 70s to Early 90s)

Class Location: Fellowship Hall Room 118

Class Make-up: Couples and singles, mostly retired, young at heart

Class start time: 9:45

Teaching style: Discussion-based study of a passage of Scripture each week (often using the week's assigned passages from the Revised Common Lectionary). Dave Robinson serves as teacher when in state, rotation of teachers otherwise

Class Missions: Various missions within the church as we are led

Current Study: Revised Common Lectionary

Contact name/email: Leon Stewart (madisonjuneau@aol.com); Dave Robinson (jdrobin109@comcast.net / 601-291-9400); Carole & Mike Armstrong (carolearms@bellsouth.net / marmstrong2@bellsouth.net)

Parents Class (Age Range: 30s to 50s)

Class Makeup:  Parents of children, birth to graduation, who are seeking to grow in their faith, their marriage and their parenting.

Location: Eduation Building Room 416 (2nd Floor) beginning 8/21/22; Room 415 until then

Start Time: 9:45 am    

Mission Statement: We seek to grow in our love for God, our spouses, our children, and others through bible study, life application, prayer, and discussion.

Teaching: A mix of content and discussion based on bible study and occasional book/study on marriage and/or parenting.

Current Study: We will begin this class by looking at who God is and his design for faith and family.

Missions and activities: TBA as this is a brand new class

Contacts: Steve Potter (steve@madisonmc.org / (601) 573-2144) & Betsy Potter (betsteve98@gmail.com / (601) 506-2708)

The Berean Collective (Age Range: Early 20s to Early 30s)

This is our newest class launched in July 2017 for singles and married couples in their 20's thru 30's who are out of college.

Where?: Montgomery Chapel Basement (starting April 2022)

What?: biblically-based studies with discussion; social events to build relationships; shared outreach opportunities to serve others and express our growth in discipleship

Current Study: Genesis

Contact: Matt & Madison Smith (smithmatthew241@gmail.com / 601-497-8155); Channing Hancock (601-540-6743)