Mission Statement

As a ministry of Madison Methodist Church, the Resource Areas and Library Missions believe that we are called to fit our vision within the church’s mission statement, “Building faithful disciples, serving Jesus Christ.”

We see our role as one of equipping the congregation by providing resources for spiritual growth and teaching.

We want to help shine more light on the path for God’s people by placing resources where more people can use them. We have the following resources available:

  • Books for adults, youth and children
  • Special study kits
  • Large print books
  • Maps and charts
  • Video and audio resources
  • Biblical costumes

Adult and youth resources are located in the Education Annex. We have a wealth of resources available for classes, teachers, leaders and any interested members or constituents.

Our children’s resource area is located in the Children’s Department in the Education Wing.

methodist umc library   methodist umc library