As we are getting closer to a new year, please consider starting or resuming a Bible reading plan. Here are several suggestions:

This is a daily reading of a psalm, proverb, Old Testament, and New Testament reading with some commentary.

This is a podcast that summarizes several chapters of a Bible reading plan each day.

This app and website have several translations, audio recordings of each chapter, and multiple Bible reading plans.

Our church has a one-year and a three-year Bible reading plan. They consist of prayers, readings, and YouTube videos with background information. These plans are finishing up and will restart in a few weeks from their beginning, but feel free to try them out now.

This reading plan takes you straight through the Bible but provides you with videos to accompany your reading. The videos include themes, word studies, and overviews of books of the Bible.

The Blue Letter Bible app and website provide powerful tools for an in-depth study of God's Word through their online reference library and offers a variety of Bible reading plans.